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Understanding the rental property management industry inspired Scott Dougherty to create RummageSales.com. The idea came from working for his mother’s rental property management business A+ Rentals in Sioux Falls, SD. He realized when people moved in and out of rental properties that they were throwing away household items they no longer wanted, but were still useful. Dougherty felt that people should repurpose these items instead by selling them to someone who could use them. This lead Dougherty to purchase the RummageSales.com domain in February, 2015.

In addition to RummageSales.com, Dougherty owns RummageSale.com and the Spanish equivilants of both websites. It is free for people to post on RummageSales.com and there are no transaction fees. The purpose of the website is to connect people locally and nationally with the hope that they come across a hidden treasure they’ve been searching for.

Why people should use RummageSales.com?

– The website makes revenue from on-page advertising. A percentage of this revenue goes to Feed the Hungry, Children’s Miracle Network, and Ronald McDonald House Charities.

– People can look up physical rummage sale events and stores in their area. It’s not just individual items!

– The website maintains a clean and safe environment to buy and sell second-hand goods. RummageSales.com is closely monitored for inappropriate activity. People with registered RummageSale.com accounts are able to flag inappropriate accounts and users as well.

Positioning statement

For people who love to buy and sell second-hand goods online, RummageSales.com is a consumer to consumer website that provides an easy way to find what you are looking for and a place to repurpose what you no longer want. Unlike other buying and selling websites and mobile apps., RummageSales.com provides additional features, which include trading, stores, and event filters.

Unique value proposition

For individuals who buy and sell second-hand goods, RummageSales.com is the consumer to consumer website that takes the hastle out of browsing the classified ads.


Rummage Sales CEO

Scott Dougherty


Scott has lived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, for most of his life. He graduated from Washington High School and attended the University of South Dakota where he received his undergraduate and master's degrees in Chemistry. He is a scientist by trade, but an entrepreneur in his heart. He has operated A Plus Realty Center since…. and has helped it grow significantly in his years as manager. The company manages 300 properties in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota area. Scott has a love of numbers and repurposing items. This drove him to create RummageSales.com. As CEO, he has the vision to grow RummageSales.com into a major C2C competitor.

Rummage Sales Sales & Marketing Manager

Molly Donohue

Sales & Marketing Manager

Molly grew up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She went to O’Gorman High School and received her Bachelor of Art’s degree from Augustana University in 2014 with a major in Business/Communication Studies and a minor in Journalism. After college, Molly left her hometown and went on to graduate with her master’s degree in Mass Communications in May 2016, from California State University- Fullerton. Molly has an extensive writing background that includes professionally published work. She has been published in the Orange County Register and the Fullerton Observer. Her experience also includes an online marketing background from working with medium size businesses and a nonprofit. The purpose of her role is to grow RummageSales.com’s online presence. Outside of RummageSales.com, she serves on the Sioux Falls State Theatre marketing committee.